Saturday, July 23, 2011

I hope i'm back

Did I fast forward my life? Has the time passed by faster than usual? Or am I still dreaming in my sleep in India? These are the questions that came into my mind when I saw the date today which made me realize that it’s been a year for me here in US and it’s been more than a year since my last post in this blog. Time passed by very fast and my body got rotten by one more year. Though it was fast it was fruitful as I made new friends, met new girls and had new crush’s (as always). Life was the same expect that I started seeing it in a different way. In a way which doesn’t make me feel bad when I put stuff on someone’s door and run away, in a way which makes me feel good for working continuously for almost 15 hours a day, in a way which made me realize how hard work could fetch us fruitful results and in a way which made me realize what I actually wanted. The world around me now is completely different. It changed in a way which doesn’t allow any shitty thoughts to enter my mind, which allows me to think properly and stay organized and most importantly made me forget all the bad moments from my past days. I’m happy that all these things happened in my life and I feel like it’s just destiny which led my way here into this but still it’s the people around me who are responsible for this change. But the only thing I regret about is that I was soo lost in this small world around me that I didn’t even get a small thought at the back of my mind to put my experiences into words. But at last It took 6 beers and one shot of rum to make me write this post and I hope i'm back and would write more in future.

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