Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Horrendous Journey

I experienced the worst nightmare of my life yesterday. I was struck in the middle of a horrendous journey. I was actually scheduled to go to Warangal, a two and half ride from Hyderabad and there are many buses available in that route and I was a bit relaxed when I started from my house. The bus stand is too far from my place so I opted to catch the bus at a nearby bus stop. Independence Day and a weekend ahead, people where on a holiday mood and I saw a hell lot people at the bus stop; everyone was so excited about their journey back to home.

At the beginning even I had a feeling of excitement as I saw many chicks waiting at the bus stop to get back home. Then at a rare sight I saw a bus and didn’t even get up from the seat of the bus stop after I saw the people rushing towards it. After the bus left the busstop I observed that most the chicks disappeared into that bus. The bus was totally packed with chicks. Then after that I saw many buses coming but there was no place for me in them. But at last I saw a special bus which was coming directly from the depot and I found many vacant seats in that bus. Instead of rushing through the small door I just pushed my bag inside the window and booked a seat for myself. At last I felt a sign of relief but I never had a view of the upcoming nightmare.

It was already 7.00 PM and the bus crossed the Hyderabad border. I was watching the Danvinci code movie on my brand new motorckr and suddenly the bus stopped and the driver got down and was trying to repair something and after sometime he got into the bus and announced that there is some problem with the gear box and the bus cannot go further. This was the start of my nightmare. I got down from the bus and had a look around. It was dark but till then I had a sign of excitement when I saw a chick who got from the bus. Then I along with the other passengers tried to stop the other buses towards Warangal but they were already packed and had no place for us. I waited for more half n hour and at last I had no chance so I opted for an ordinary bus which was scheduled for a small town called Jangaon which is situated in the midst of the route to Warangal. Even this one was totally packed but I was lucky that I found some place to stand.

As it is an ordinary bus it stops at every village on the way and never accelerates beyond 50kmph. It took around two hours for the bus to reach the destination. For the total two hours journey I was standing in the bus with my neck bend as these ordinary buses were too small for a 6’3” guy. I had big sigh of relief when I saw the bus entering the bus stand. When I got down from the bus it was already 9.45 and it is too late for the small towns and villages as I saw all shops closed. But I was happy that the pop corn was still there. I went to the enquiry to know about the next bus to Warangal .He said that there will be a bus in the next 15 mins or so.

This picture was captured on my mobile when i was standing in the bus

It never took more than two and a half hour for me to reach Warangal but now it was already four hours and I was still a half distance away. I sat on a chair at the bus stand and started and resumed the Davinci code. After ½ hour a bus arrived at the platform and I rushed to the bus and booked a place and watched rest of the movie. Even the seats in those buses were congested it was hard for me to keep my legs properly. At last when I got down from the bus in Warangal I had all my body parts aching and when I reached my home I felt like Brendon Fraser getting back to London after a mummy adventure. It took more than six hours for me to pass a distance of 140 km.

I saw many Indian films where a guy meets a girl in this kind of journey and will get together from there on. Actually I was searching for that kind of girl all the way in my journey but was not successful in finding one.