Sunday, June 29, 2008

Memorable Day

Today is a memorable day in my life. I did not see my dream girl, I was not awarded any thing and I didn’t do anything that my parents would be proud of but still it is a memorable day in my life. The reason is that I was totally drunk today. I was never drunk like this before.

I don’t know how many mugs of beer I had. I just can’t remember what I spoke. I don’t know what I did. But I still feel it like a great experience. During the holidays time I never feel like any difference between the weekdays and weekends expect for the change in the TV programmes.

When I woke up in the morning it was already 10:30. My mom was busy watching some old crappy Telugu movie and I felt like another boring day in my dairy. Then I had a call from a friend who proposed for a party at a near by restaurant. Of course there is no special reason why he proposed for a party. One of my friends just wanted to taste beer and we changed all our plans and changed the venue to a Bar. We just felt like his pocket was heavy and ordered for some beer. He was totally out of control after having a couple of mugs and had given us freedom to use his card. We made a very good use of it and everyone had stomach full of beer. Some people even went toilets to empty their stomachs to have some extra beer. At last we ended up with a huge bill.

Of course the card had enough cash to pay the total bill. After paying the bill we left the bar and started some stupid conversation at the parking lot of the bar. No one was daring to ride their bikes. Everyone was drunk. We had no other go and called for an auto. Then the actual fun started the auto guy raised the accelerator through those bumpy Indian roads and all people inside started feeling nauseous and one by one everyone started vomiting and the auto was like a hell by the time we reached our destination and I even don’t know who paid the auto charge. I just remember one of my friends offering him the card. I don’t think he accepted it.

It was not safe going to home after having a drink so I feel a sleep at my friends place. When I woke up it was already dark and I saw some of my friends who already woke up and started some conversation about our Bar scene. I joined with them and one by one I was getting to know about all the funny things that happened at the bar. When I woke up in the morning I never expected that my day was going to be this much wonderful.

If anyone of my old friends, my brothers friends , my cousins or even if it is my own brother (I don’t think he will see my blog)had read this post, please guys don’t complain about it to my parents. If you do that I’ll loose my pocket money from next month. Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Story Writer

From the last few weeks I became a big lover of blogs and I started searching for some interesting blogs on the net. I found a couple of good blogs and I started reading them. I found some really informative and some really funny. The most interesting blogs among them were

Nikhil’s Blog

Arvind’s Blog

Amit’s blog

There are many more blogs that I found interesting but these three were the best among them. Nikhil and Amit are good story writers. Nikhil has already got a book published with 25 small stories. I read a couple of them. I even read a small story from Amit’s blog. I liked them very much.

It was all the way boring for me in these holidays, though I had company with some nice books and some of these interesting blogs, I felt like doing even more. Then an idea struck my mind, why shouldn’t I write a story?

It was already midnight but I was really excited about my new idea. Immediately I opened MS- Word and started writing a story. I donno where I started and how the story is proceeding but I went on writing. After an hour I was sick of typing and thought of giving the story an ending and suddenly diverted the whole story and gave an ending to it.

After reading it again I made some changes and it was already 1:00 am and I found one of my friends online and I sent him the whole story and asked him to post his opinion. Then I went to bed. The next day in the morning I showed it to one of my cousins. Her expression made me feel like I’m a pathetic writer. She stood laughing for more than an hour in front of me. Then i decided not write any stories again. But I had a small appreciation from my friend to whom I sent this story. He said that my story had a very good concept but I used only simple words. I agree with him because I’m not perfect in using English. So I thought that still there is lot for me to improve and I got some confidence that I can do better and recovered from all the hard feelings that I had early on that day due to my cousin’s reaction on the story.

If any one of you is interested in reading my story you can download it here

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Great Companion

All these days I enjoyed the company of my friends and had a lot of fun. But now its holiday’s time. Everyone had gone and I lost all my company and it’s really like hell without it. I have to wait till the reopening of my college to gain back my company and get out of this hell.

I don’t think my friends will show up till the end of next month so I decided to make new friends. I’m not talking about making friends with people but with books. A few days back I just started reading a book so as to pass my time during a power cut. Then I realized that it is really a great past time. Of course I never felt like this when I read my subject books. But that is different from this.

From then I never felt bored that I didn’t have a company and I felt happy that I got a new company. The first book I read was a novel of Chetan bhagat, one night at call center which is a story of six persons working at a call center. It had everything in it. It was really fun reading that book. Then I turned my attention to Dan browns The Da vinci code which I borrowed from a friend. I just saw the film running in front of me when I was reading the book.

From then on I really loved the company of these books and I’m really having a great time with them. If anyone of you guys feel like bored just grab a nice book and start reading. It will really serve you as a great companion.

I think it is like Gnanodayam for a freak like me who always like to enjoy hangin around with friends, partying all the time. I realized that we can have more pleasure and enjoyment by reading books at the same time we can also gain loads of knowledge.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's fun time now

At last the greatest barrier of a student’s life has been crossed again by me. Don’t wonder about what I’m saying, I’m talking about exams. Of course we are going to have them again next year but till then it’s a relaxing time for us. All the last minute readings, tension on the face, passing the chits in the examination hall, feeding the lab assistants…........all that stupid stuff is over now. In my case or in my field the exams and the results are the only time when I see girls above me but rest of the time they are below me.

Yesterday was the last day of my second year and I was really excited about that. We really had a very big reason to celebrate. From now on it’s fun time and we have a very long time to go before we have our next examination. For people with girl friends it’s really a hard time as it is the time of their separation.

Now it’s time for holidays. We can get back to our old business. It has been a long time since I have last went out with my friends to sit in a coffee shop. It’s really fun sitting there and staring at grls, couples passing by and thinking that one day even I will have a girl friend like dat. I used to have this kind of feelings rite from my school time. They just remained as feelings and there was no progress. When time came I realized that it is better if they remained as feelings as I came to know about the drawbacks of having a girlfriend.

Now it’s time to execute all the things that I thought of doing during my examinations. First and the foremost thing is to write a post in this blog. It has been a long time since I have written a post on this blog. I previously had some appreciation for this blog but I really had very bad experiences with some girls. Then I understood that it’s really hard for people to digest the truth.

Hope I’ll have a gr8 time during these holidays.

Bye for now………….