Monday, September 15, 2008

A week that changed my life

I found some remarkable changes in me from the past few days. I had to face some hard situations last week and at the same time I meet some new people who made me feel good. All these consequences brought a sudden change in me.

I mentioned about the first consequence that I faced in my previous post. She said a good bye to me and that laid the start of my change. Previously every morning when I used to wake up in the morning I used to open her orkut profile and read her scraps and try to know how is she doing, where is she going, trying to gather information from her friends. I used to waste most of my time thinking about her and making plans to meet her and talk to her. The most important point is that I never used to care about people around me.

The day when I stopped thinking about her I started seeing the world in a different way. I realized that there are many people around me who r interested in me.

The second consequence was about my booze party with my cousins. I donno how all these things come to my dads notice. I had the biggest lecture of my lifetime from him on that day. But I’m least bothered about that lecture because I would love to follow the great quote “aab nahin tho kabh karenge yar”. Of course I will stop drinking cocktail, that thing is really uncle’s stuff. It ruined my stomach for the whole week.

The third one is really a sweeter one. I met some new people who make me feel happy everyday. Life has really changed a lot after I met them. It’s like I have a smile on my face all the day. Though I had a disastrous start I ended the week with a new meaning to my life. I thank god for sending those people on to the earth to make this idiot happy. Thanks for remembering my prayers.

(I would like to dedicate this post to a special person, hope she has this great smile on her face after seeing this, do comment after reading the post)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Bye forever

I had a sudden situation this monday for which I was waiting from the past two years. On Sunday night I was busy partying with my cousins and it was too late so I slept at my cousin’s place in Hyderabad. I had my first internal exam of third year on Tuesday and I had not yet started any preparation for that and I thought of getting back to my house early in the morning. The cocktail thing was still swirling in my head when I woke up at 6 in the morning but I had no other go but to start to my place, it’s a 2 and half hour ride from my cousin’s place.

It was early morning so there was no rush at the bus stop and I got could easily grab a seat in the bus. My head was swirling and I was feeling nauseous all the way during the journey. When I reached home my mom served me some idlies but the cocktail thing was still in my head I was not in a position to eat any crap. Then I switched on my comp to check my mails. When I opened my messenger I saw some offline messages. I usually don’t find any offlines as I don’t chat much on yahoo. When I opened them I found that they are from my dream girl about whom I mentioned in my story post.

My body was filled with excitement when I saw the messages from her. The whole cocktail, tequila everything vanished from my head and I was back to my normal state. Then I started reading the messages. “Sorry aravind but nothing is going to work and plz don’t waste time on me and conc on ur carrier” this is what she had written to me. Actually I got what I expected from her. Actually I was not ready to face her but still I dared and sent her a reply. My hands were shaking when I was typing the reply. She replied again saying that she’s not interested. All the way she was saying that I’m younger than her but is that a problem. I know that she is high on attitude but still I tried hard to convince her but it was of no use. She at last said a good bye for me and left and had stopped replying for my messages. Even I stopped troubling her with my messages.

Though she rejected me I was still happy that I had a chat with her. At least she came to know that a guy named aravind loved her. This rejection and all was actually expected but still I had a small ray of hope that if I prove some of my talents then I thought that she might get impressed. Though she rejected me she still remains special in my life and I still have feelings for her. (Darling plz comment if u read this post)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rock on movie Review

I had memorable moments all this week. The first and the fore most among them was that I was caught red handed by my dad when I was boozing with my cousins at a party. The second one was that I got my result, I cleared all my subjects and I had a very big reason to party. The third one was that I watched the movie Rock on. Actually I was waiting for this movie right from when I first watched its trailer.

Actually I’m not a big movie bug but I surely appreciate good movies. I’m not good at writing reviews but people’s view on this movie made me write this. I saw many blogs where people have written all negative points about this movie. Some were saying that Farhan’s voice was not good and some were saying that his action was not good. I suggest all my readers to not believe all those reviews the movie was really awesome and his voice was really great, he really had a rock star’s voice.

The movie is about four guys namely Aditya (Farhan), Joe (Arjun), KD and Rob (Luke Kenny), fight hard to take their band ‘Magik’ to the position of number one. They get the opportunity to hit the music chart with an opportunity won in a competition of Channel V. The music channel also provides them with a chance of recording their first album. But no victory comes without its different effects. Here also, they have to compromise few things and the situation takes Joe away from Aditya. Magik gets closed. Aditya leaves all his friends and turns into a businessman while on the other hand, Joe keeps himself happy with his guitar.

Story rolls for ten years. One day Aditya’s wife (Prachi) comes to know about Aditya’s band Magik and to make Aditya happy, she arranges a reunion party for all his friends who were involved in the band. And the reunion gives a rebirth to the band also. They all fight for another chance at the Channel V stage.

Farhan has really overshadowed other actors in his debut film. Others are also looking cool in their respective roles. As far as the film is concerned, it can easily be called a package with visuals mixing properly with audio. Actors are rock stars and their stage presence is superb. While as a film it’s a great gift to the viewers, for listeners, too, it’s a wonderful presentation. After his negative performance in OSO, Arjun has brilliantly proved how matured an actor he is. With Prachi’s performance, it looks like she has a future in Bollywood. The combination of visuals with dialogue looks really nice on the screen. Direction is really praiseworthy.

After a long time, a film is made to touch all the generations. Hats off to Farhan and Abhishek Kapoor.