Saturday, November 29, 2008

Desperate Dude is back

Hi everyone. I just recovered from all the false allegations flooded on me previously. My dad just started believing me again. I got my bike back but my poor mobile cracked down into pieces during a small argument with my parents. That small temper of mine cost me Rs.10, 000.

My life was struck in a kind of boring zone until this Friday when I got into a new batch for my Toefl classes. Actually I have no plans to write Toefl in near future but I got a message from my coaching center guys which stated that a new batch for Toefl will start from Saturday. Actually I was in no mood to listen to those classes but I was excited about the new faces.

I was not that excited as earlier when I first entered the center for my GRE coaching. But this time I was offered with bonus. I was stunned to see the female population in the class. I felt like I was entering heaven. I found my self a better place at the back so that I can have a great view.

The coaching center guy gave us a paper where the name, email address and ph numbers of the candidates are to be written. To my luck the paper was first given to girls and then passed on to me. It was like a god’s gift for me for all my prayers. I just made a copy of the ph no’s and email addresses of all the girls and now it’s my time to rock on.

The first thing that I did after getting back to my house was tracing all the Orkut profiles using their email addresses and I was successful in getting a few profiles and I also have their ph no’s with me. What more does a guy needs to ping a girl.

After making some research I found one of my childhood friends among them with whom I used to share a small seat in a Rickshaw when I was going to kindergarten. I wished that I had that moment now. I’m really happy that I found one of my childhood friends and that too a very beautiful girl. I hope she doesn’t have a Boy friend. I’m planning to attend every class from now on I don’t want to miss this chance. I hope that at least this one works out. I think it doesn’t matter even if this one fails as I still have ‘n’ number of profile id’s and phone numbers with me but still this one will be some what special for me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Love Letter

Hi everyone. I had a dream to write a love letter rite from my school days but I never found myself in any situation where I can use this love letter. It’s not the reason that I didn’t like anyone. I liked many of them but none of them like me(I meant only females). Ofcourse I just can’t jump to that conclusion as I never tried from them. But I just don’t want to let this dream go in vain. So I decided to write one now.


Hi naaa peeru aravind. Edhe naa first time love letter rayadam. Veedu enti illa rasadu anukuntunara, First telugu script lone radhamu anukunna kanni spelling mistakes chala kanapadayi andhuke aapesa alla anni english lo radhamu ante anni grammetical mistakes kanapadayi andhuke ikka vere dhari leka illa try chesanu.

Love letter ante first poetry rayalani vinnanu. Ninna night antha kurchoni poetry radhamu anni try chesanu kani naaku antha talent ledhu anni ardham ayindhi. Akkadi nunchi anna copy kotti rasdhamu anni anukunna, kani naa manasakshi andhuku opukoledhu(konchem ekkuva ayindhi kada).

Poetry tharuvatha emmi radhamu anni chala sepu alochinchanu but emmi rayalo emmi ardham kaledhu. Emmi thochaka google lo Love letters kosam search chesanu. Ofocurse chala kanapadayi kani naaku andhuloo emmi rasaroo emmi ardham kaledhu. Many of them were trying to describe the beauty of their mate. But I feel like beauty has nothing to do with love(chala ekkuva ayindhi kada) so nenu lite tesukunna.

Alochinchaga alochinchaga konni emotional dialouges gurthuku vachinayi kani modern ammailu avvi chusthe navvukuntaru annni pakana petesanu.

Idhi rayadanike okka night antha patindhi, Inka nenu rayalenenu so staright gaa point ki vachesthunna. Love letter lo basic theme naaku nee medha Love unnadhi anni express cheyadmu so I’m doing the same. I just want to say one thing to u my darling

I love u

Love Letter ootiga isthe bagundadhu kada so……….

I know that it sounded damn weird but I just wrote wat I felt. Plz adjust. Sorry for all non- telugu readers, I was not able to express that in english. Next time I’ll sure try it in english.

I dedicate this loveletter to all sweet chicks aound. It’s open for u all. If u like it please contact me I’m seriously lookin for a girl friend.

For my regular readers plz don’t count my previous experiences. I’m all new now.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Love to be Single

Grls…….grls……grls…….aaahhh, this word is swirling in my mind rite from my childhood days. It all started during my school days when I first started thinking about grls.

I first had a crush on one of my classmates. By the time I made all my prep’s there was a new admission to our class and my mind diverted towards her and then we had a class shuffling where I had to sit with other grls. So I had to switch to another girl after, after several switches I reached the farewell day where I had to leave all those sweet chicks without any proposals.

Then I joined my Intermediate where I had no chance to spare time for sweet chicks. Those two years made me mad. When I joined my graduation I was on a high to find a girlfriend. I had a chance this time but was in a confusion on how to approach, weather to try sincerely or just casually. I tried in many ways, used many tricks and tack ticks but none of them were successful.

Now when I look back at all those years I just can’t believe that I’m still single, but I really enjoyed this life (being single), trying for grls, passing comments, proposals, rejections, getting drunk…….. aaahhh “life ho tho aisi”.

I enjoy being single but still I can’t stay without trying for grls……………donno weather I’m goin to have the same life after I find a grl(I’m sure that I don’t) but still I can’t resist. Dats the secret magic I suppose dat god indulged in them.

Actually I had a small discussion on this issue with my friend Nikhil, we both had many similarities on this issue so we decided to write a post on it.

We also started a small club for all single guys. It’s open on orkut. So lets join the club and rock.

Monday, October 27, 2008

After a long time

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I last posted on this blog. There are many reasons behind that. But the main reason is that I had been to a long trip to north with my classmates. This was the first time I was away from my comp for such a long time.

Actually this was an industrial trip organized by our college people to show us different pharmaceutical industries. But it was just a name sake industrial tour where we don’t have time to visit industries. I’ve been to many long trips before but this was first with my college friends. Actually I was damn excited when I heard about it. We used to have a long discussion every day in the college about the tour.

At last the day came we all started to Agra from our place. It was the longest train ride in my life. We all enjoyed a lot. It was really a fun time in the train. The next day after reaching Agra we visited the great Taj Mahal. I was really happy enough that at last I saw Taj Mahal. It was really a great monument.

Later that day we started our journey to Shimla. It was really a hard journey through those Ghat roads. But at last we reached the beautiful hill station. It was really cool there. We never experienced such a low temp. The next day we had some sight seeing there in Shimla on horses and it was really great riding the horse. All the way in north I really had a great time watching hot chicks. I really didn’t notice that we had our college girls with us.

The next day we started to Manali. It was really a great place but I really can’t understand how people can survive there. It’s damn cool out there that some times we can’t resist hugging chicks around us. We had a chance to see many apple trees and gardens but the depressing thing is that it’s not season for apples. But still we bought apples for damn cheaper rates.

We had a 2 day stay in Manali and then started for Delhi. This was the longest bus trip in my life. We travelled for around 30 hours. We were totally exhausted after reaching Delhi. The next day we had some sight seeing in Delhi and we also did a hell lot of shopping there. Some people even doubled their luggage with their shopping. Delhi is really a very beautiful place; I just had a feeling to settle in Delhi after the completion of my course. The next day we started back to our place, but this time the journey was different I saw many people getting together, I mean grls getting together with boys. I’m really happy for those guys who found a partner.

After reaching home I realized that most of the products I bought were fake. But still I can put them as memories for this great trip. I don’t think I can have this moment again in my life time. This is like a once in a life time trip.

At last I have a small note for the anonymous guy who is posting all abusive comments on my blog. Plz don’t do that I’m just writing this blog to share my experiences with friends. If u r not interested, plz stay away from my blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A week that changed my life

I found some remarkable changes in me from the past few days. I had to face some hard situations last week and at the same time I meet some new people who made me feel good. All these consequences brought a sudden change in me.

I mentioned about the first consequence that I faced in my previous post. She said a good bye to me and that laid the start of my change. Previously every morning when I used to wake up in the morning I used to open her orkut profile and read her scraps and try to know how is she doing, where is she going, trying to gather information from her friends. I used to waste most of my time thinking about her and making plans to meet her and talk to her. The most important point is that I never used to care about people around me.

The day when I stopped thinking about her I started seeing the world in a different way. I realized that there are many people around me who r interested in me.

The second consequence was about my booze party with my cousins. I donno how all these things come to my dads notice. I had the biggest lecture of my lifetime from him on that day. But I’m least bothered about that lecture because I would love to follow the great quote “aab nahin tho kabh karenge yar”. Of course I will stop drinking cocktail, that thing is really uncle’s stuff. It ruined my stomach for the whole week.

The third one is really a sweeter one. I met some new people who make me feel happy everyday. Life has really changed a lot after I met them. It’s like I have a smile on my face all the day. Though I had a disastrous start I ended the week with a new meaning to my life. I thank god for sending those people on to the earth to make this idiot happy. Thanks for remembering my prayers.

(I would like to dedicate this post to a special person, hope she has this great smile on her face after seeing this, do comment after reading the post)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Bye forever

I had a sudden situation this monday for which I was waiting from the past two years. On Sunday night I was busy partying with my cousins and it was too late so I slept at my cousin’s place in Hyderabad. I had my first internal exam of third year on Tuesday and I had not yet started any preparation for that and I thought of getting back to my house early in the morning. The cocktail thing was still swirling in my head when I woke up at 6 in the morning but I had no other go but to start to my place, it’s a 2 and half hour ride from my cousin’s place.

It was early morning so there was no rush at the bus stop and I got could easily grab a seat in the bus. My head was swirling and I was feeling nauseous all the way during the journey. When I reached home my mom served me some idlies but the cocktail thing was still in my head I was not in a position to eat any crap. Then I switched on my comp to check my mails. When I opened my messenger I saw some offline messages. I usually don’t find any offlines as I don’t chat much on yahoo. When I opened them I found that they are from my dream girl about whom I mentioned in my story post.

My body was filled with excitement when I saw the messages from her. The whole cocktail, tequila everything vanished from my head and I was back to my normal state. Then I started reading the messages. “Sorry aravind but nothing is going to work and plz don’t waste time on me and conc on ur carrier” this is what she had written to me. Actually I got what I expected from her. Actually I was not ready to face her but still I dared and sent her a reply. My hands were shaking when I was typing the reply. She replied again saying that she’s not interested. All the way she was saying that I’m younger than her but is that a problem. I know that she is high on attitude but still I tried hard to convince her but it was of no use. She at last said a good bye for me and left and had stopped replying for my messages. Even I stopped troubling her with my messages.

Though she rejected me I was still happy that I had a chat with her. At least she came to know that a guy named aravind loved her. This rejection and all was actually expected but still I had a small ray of hope that if I prove some of my talents then I thought that she might get impressed. Though she rejected me she still remains special in my life and I still have feelings for her. (Darling plz comment if u read this post)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rock on movie Review

I had memorable moments all this week. The first and the fore most among them was that I was caught red handed by my dad when I was boozing with my cousins at a party. The second one was that I got my result, I cleared all my subjects and I had a very big reason to party. The third one was that I watched the movie Rock on. Actually I was waiting for this movie right from when I first watched its trailer.

Actually I’m not a big movie bug but I surely appreciate good movies. I’m not good at writing reviews but people’s view on this movie made me write this. I saw many blogs where people have written all negative points about this movie. Some were saying that Farhan’s voice was not good and some were saying that his action was not good. I suggest all my readers to not believe all those reviews the movie was really awesome and his voice was really great, he really had a rock star’s voice.

The movie is about four guys namely Aditya (Farhan), Joe (Arjun), KD and Rob (Luke Kenny), fight hard to take their band ‘Magik’ to the position of number one. They get the opportunity to hit the music chart with an opportunity won in a competition of Channel V. The music channel also provides them with a chance of recording their first album. But no victory comes without its different effects. Here also, they have to compromise few things and the situation takes Joe away from Aditya. Magik gets closed. Aditya leaves all his friends and turns into a businessman while on the other hand, Joe keeps himself happy with his guitar.

Story rolls for ten years. One day Aditya’s wife (Prachi) comes to know about Aditya’s band Magik and to make Aditya happy, she arranges a reunion party for all his friends who were involved in the band. And the reunion gives a rebirth to the band also. They all fight for another chance at the Channel V stage.

Farhan has really overshadowed other actors in his debut film. Others are also looking cool in their respective roles. As far as the film is concerned, it can easily be called a package with visuals mixing properly with audio. Actors are rock stars and their stage presence is superb. While as a film it’s a great gift to the viewers, for listeners, too, it’s a wonderful presentation. After his negative performance in OSO, Arjun has brilliantly proved how matured an actor he is. With Prachi’s performance, it looks like she has a future in Bollywood. The combination of visuals with dialogue looks really nice on the screen. Direction is really praiseworthy.

After a long time, a film is made to touch all the generations. Hats off to Farhan and Abhishek Kapoor.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Horrendous Journey

I experienced the worst nightmare of my life yesterday. I was struck in the middle of a horrendous journey. I was actually scheduled to go to Warangal, a two and half ride from Hyderabad and there are many buses available in that route and I was a bit relaxed when I started from my house. The bus stand is too far from my place so I opted to catch the bus at a nearby bus stop. Independence Day and a weekend ahead, people where on a holiday mood and I saw a hell lot people at the bus stop; everyone was so excited about their journey back to home.

At the beginning even I had a feeling of excitement as I saw many chicks waiting at the bus stop to get back home. Then at a rare sight I saw a bus and didn’t even get up from the seat of the bus stop after I saw the people rushing towards it. After the bus left the busstop I observed that most the chicks disappeared into that bus. The bus was totally packed with chicks. Then after that I saw many buses coming but there was no place for me in them. But at last I saw a special bus which was coming directly from the depot and I found many vacant seats in that bus. Instead of rushing through the small door I just pushed my bag inside the window and booked a seat for myself. At last I felt a sign of relief but I never had a view of the upcoming nightmare.

It was already 7.00 PM and the bus crossed the Hyderabad border. I was watching the Danvinci code movie on my brand new motorckr and suddenly the bus stopped and the driver got down and was trying to repair something and after sometime he got into the bus and announced that there is some problem with the gear box and the bus cannot go further. This was the start of my nightmare. I got down from the bus and had a look around. It was dark but till then I had a sign of excitement when I saw a chick who got from the bus. Then I along with the other passengers tried to stop the other buses towards Warangal but they were already packed and had no place for us. I waited for more half n hour and at last I had no chance so I opted for an ordinary bus which was scheduled for a small town called Jangaon which is situated in the midst of the route to Warangal. Even this one was totally packed but I was lucky that I found some place to stand.

As it is an ordinary bus it stops at every village on the way and never accelerates beyond 50kmph. It took around two hours for the bus to reach the destination. For the total two hours journey I was standing in the bus with my neck bend as these ordinary buses were too small for a 6’3” guy. I had big sigh of relief when I saw the bus entering the bus stand. When I got down from the bus it was already 9.45 and it is too late for the small towns and villages as I saw all shops closed. But I was happy that the pop corn was still there. I went to the enquiry to know about the next bus to Warangal .He said that there will be a bus in the next 15 mins or so.

This picture was captured on my mobile when i was standing in the bus

It never took more than two and a half hour for me to reach Warangal but now it was already four hours and I was still a half distance away. I sat on a chair at the bus stand and started and resumed the Davinci code. After ½ hour a bus arrived at the platform and I rushed to the bus and booked a place and watched rest of the movie. Even the seats in those buses were congested it was hard for me to keep my legs properly. At last when I got down from the bus in Warangal I had all my body parts aching and when I reached my home I felt like Brendon Fraser getting back to London after a mummy adventure. It took more than six hours for me to pass a distance of 140 km.

I saw many Indian films where a guy meets a girl in this kind of journey and will get together from there on. Actually I was searching for that kind of girl all the way in my journey but was not successful in finding one.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My story

It has been a long time since I had written a post in this blog. Actually there is nothing happening in my life to write.

Same old boring story. Waking up early in the morning to attend some stupid English classes. Then again to my college, boring classes, dreaming about my girl in the class. Then back to home checking for some orkut scraps and I find all stupid themes scraps and at last a bottle of beer and a sound sleep. This is my daily life cycle.

I recently saw some of my friends blogs which crossed a hell lot of hits and they are celebrating it. Even I have a mark crossed this week my blog hit 1000 hits….hehe…….it may sound funny but this is my first mark and I even got ranked by Google and now I have a Pr3. But I don’t have anyone around me to share this except for my blogger friends. When I use these terms with my friends they feel like some boring geek stuff, they still don’t know the fun indulged in it.

As I have nothing to write in this post I want to narrate my sweet little love story. Very few people on this earth know about this story of mine. I think it may sound funny to some guys and trash to some others but this is what happened with me.

Actually it all started when I was in first year. I used to go by bus to the college. One day I had some work at my friends place and had to catch the bus at his bus stop. That was the first time I saw her, she was waiting for her college bus. From that day on I used to wait for my bus at that stop just to see her. It lasted for quite a long time and I also used to wait for her in the evening when she returns back from her college. I used to forget all my bad experiences of the day when I see her. Sometimes I used to follow her back to her house.

Then I started enquiring about her. I got a lot of information about her and I should really thank my friends who helped me a lot in getting that. I realized that she is two years older than me but that didn’t matter to me at all. Then I found her orkut profile. Actually it was very easy as there is only one user on orkut with that name. I scrapped her many times but I didn’t have any answer when she replied me with "whoz dis". This lasted for more than a year and I was nowhere.

Then one fine day I decided that my love should be expressed to her. I bought a rose and put it in the basket of her kinetic Honda (she parks dat near the bus stop) and used to wait for her in the balcony at my friends place from where I used to have a very clear view. I used to see the expression on her face everyday. Sometimes she used to throw it away and sometimes looking around wondering who put it there. This also lasted for a quite a long time but I never dared to face her and talk to her. I used to have her phone number but I never called her. Till now I have not even heard her voice. Now she completed her graduation and recently flew to Australia for her higher studies.

She is from a rich family, studies very well and has very good looks. She must be having big dreams about her guy. As of now I’m a normal student perusing some stupid course and may not reach her standards. This is what made me dumb. But I’ll try hard to be in her dreams. I’m sure that I’m going to succeed and even though I don’t she still remains special in my life.

This post may sound quite opposite to what I have written earlier about girlfriends but this is what happened in my life. It’s really a great experience loving others or getting loved by others.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

One morning @ the Coaching Center

I recently joined this coaching center which offers coaching for competitive exams like GRE, Toefl (actually I doono the spelling of it). I have to wake up at 5 in the morning to attend those classes. It has been a long time since I woke up before 8 in the morning. I sleep daily at 2 am and it’s hard for me to sleep before that and though I try I don’t get sleep before that time.

Actually yesterday was my first day but I was feeling drowsy and was not able to attend the class. Today I had to go to the center. I tried hard to keep my eyes open and managed to go to the center. When I entered the classroom I observed that majority of seats were occupied by girls. I felt a bit better but my appearance made me feel embarrassed as I was in my night dress. I just walked to the end of the room and sat at the corner of the last row.

After a few minutes a short guy entered the class and started rubbing the board. I thought he must be some peon or an office guy. After some time I got to know that he is going to teach us English. When he started the class I felt like my mom was singing a song for me to sleep. After some time I gradually fell a sleep. I woke up after some time hearing to the voices of girls sitting on the opposite row. Then I understood that the class ended. Now I was feeling better and started staring at girls and I found most them good looking.

I observed that people around me and especially girls are speaking in English. I felt a bit surprised, when I entered the class I saw everyone speaking in their mother tongue and now everyone is speaking in English. Then I thought that the English lecturer must have influenced them. Then some guy entered the class and announced that there will be a test conducted in a few minutes and the students will be separated according to their marks. I was not in a mood to write any exam.

But I tried hard to take look at the question paper. I found it easy I saw all my tenth standards math’s problems and a few twisted questions. I like answering those questions. I answered the paper well and I was the first to complete the test. They asked us to wait for some time to give away the marks. After some time the same guy entered the class and took a list and started announcing the names for the first section and I found my name in that. I felt astonished after I found only 6 girls in a class of 40 members for the first section. And of course everyone knows how girls in first section look like. The other sections had majority of girls in them.

I felt really bad as I joined that coaching center only after seeing the ratio of girls and boys. I just had feeling that at least I can make a girl friend there. But now I’m rewarded with a section where there are no dream girls in it. This is a reward for my performance in the test.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's the time for Tags

Vishesh had this intresting tag for me

The brand's that i use in my daily life

So here goes

tagged me to write about 5 cadres of people whom I hate the most. Actually I have a very big list but I compressed them to five cadres.

1) People who wake me up when I’m sleeping in the class.

2) Lecturers who ask questions in the class when I’m busy with my business (Dreaming about my girl).

3) Traffic police who stops me even when I’m wearing a helmet.

4) People who sound horn when I’m in front of them and never pass me when I give them way.

5) I reserved the fifth cadre for some special people. Don’t wonder who they are. They are the bitches who complain about me. Fuck off L*****.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Farhan Akhtar's Rock on

Rock On is the next film by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar. It went to floors on Jan 7. The film is being done in Mumbai. The film revolves around four young boys who put together a rock band. Ten years hence, fate conspires to bring them together again and set them on a journey back to where they left off. A soul searching pilgrimage into their past.

This time Farhan is not directing the film but he is playing a role in the film. This film is produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar under the banner of Excel Entertainment. The film is being directed by Abhishek Kapoor. Rock On stars Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Prachi Desai, Purab Kohli, Sahana Goswami and Luke Kenny. Music for the film is composed by Shankar, Eshaan and Loy with lyrics by Javed Akhtar and cinematography by Jason West. The film is scheduled to release in mid 2008.

Farhan previously directed films like Dil Chahta Hai and Lakshya which turned out to be complete youth’s feast. Hope this film also continuous with the same theme.

Let’s see how he is going to perform on the screen.

Watch the Trailer of Rock on

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Memorable Day

Today is a memorable day in my life. I did not see my dream girl, I was not awarded any thing and I didn’t do anything that my parents would be proud of but still it is a memorable day in my life. The reason is that I was totally drunk today. I was never drunk like this before.

I don’t know how many mugs of beer I had. I just can’t remember what I spoke. I don’t know what I did. But I still feel it like a great experience. During the holidays time I never feel like any difference between the weekdays and weekends expect for the change in the TV programmes.

When I woke up in the morning it was already 10:30. My mom was busy watching some old crappy Telugu movie and I felt like another boring day in my dairy. Then I had a call from a friend who proposed for a party at a near by restaurant. Of course there is no special reason why he proposed for a party. One of my friends just wanted to taste beer and we changed all our plans and changed the venue to a Bar. We just felt like his pocket was heavy and ordered for some beer. He was totally out of control after having a couple of mugs and had given us freedom to use his card. We made a very good use of it and everyone had stomach full of beer. Some people even went toilets to empty their stomachs to have some extra beer. At last we ended up with a huge bill.

Of course the card had enough cash to pay the total bill. After paying the bill we left the bar and started some stupid conversation at the parking lot of the bar. No one was daring to ride their bikes. Everyone was drunk. We had no other go and called for an auto. Then the actual fun started the auto guy raised the accelerator through those bumpy Indian roads and all people inside started feeling nauseous and one by one everyone started vomiting and the auto was like a hell by the time we reached our destination and I even don’t know who paid the auto charge. I just remember one of my friends offering him the card. I don’t think he accepted it.

It was not safe going to home after having a drink so I feel a sleep at my friends place. When I woke up it was already dark and I saw some of my friends who already woke up and started some conversation about our Bar scene. I joined with them and one by one I was getting to know about all the funny things that happened at the bar. When I woke up in the morning I never expected that my day was going to be this much wonderful.

If anyone of my old friends, my brothers friends , my cousins or even if it is my own brother (I don’t think he will see my blog)had read this post, please guys don’t complain about it to my parents. If you do that I’ll loose my pocket money from next month. Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Story Writer

From the last few weeks I became a big lover of blogs and I started searching for some interesting blogs on the net. I found a couple of good blogs and I started reading them. I found some really informative and some really funny. The most interesting blogs among them were

Nikhil’s Blog

Arvind’s Blog

Amit’s blog

There are many more blogs that I found interesting but these three were the best among them. Nikhil and Amit are good story writers. Nikhil has already got a book published with 25 small stories. I read a couple of them. I even read a small story from Amit’s blog. I liked them very much.

It was all the way boring for me in these holidays, though I had company with some nice books and some of these interesting blogs, I felt like doing even more. Then an idea struck my mind, why shouldn’t I write a story?

It was already midnight but I was really excited about my new idea. Immediately I opened MS- Word and started writing a story. I donno where I started and how the story is proceeding but I went on writing. After an hour I was sick of typing and thought of giving the story an ending and suddenly diverted the whole story and gave an ending to it.

After reading it again I made some changes and it was already 1:00 am and I found one of my friends online and I sent him the whole story and asked him to post his opinion. Then I went to bed. The next day in the morning I showed it to one of my cousins. Her expression made me feel like I’m a pathetic writer. She stood laughing for more than an hour in front of me. Then i decided not write any stories again. But I had a small appreciation from my friend to whom I sent this story. He said that my story had a very good concept but I used only simple words. I agree with him because I’m not perfect in using English. So I thought that still there is lot for me to improve and I got some confidence that I can do better and recovered from all the hard feelings that I had early on that day due to my cousin’s reaction on the story.

If any one of you is interested in reading my story you can download it here

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Great Companion

All these days I enjoyed the company of my friends and had a lot of fun. But now its holiday’s time. Everyone had gone and I lost all my company and it’s really like hell without it. I have to wait till the reopening of my college to gain back my company and get out of this hell.

I don’t think my friends will show up till the end of next month so I decided to make new friends. I’m not talking about making friends with people but with books. A few days back I just started reading a book so as to pass my time during a power cut. Then I realized that it is really a great past time. Of course I never felt like this when I read my subject books. But that is different from this.

From then I never felt bored that I didn’t have a company and I felt happy that I got a new company. The first book I read was a novel of Chetan bhagat, one night at call center which is a story of six persons working at a call center. It had everything in it. It was really fun reading that book. Then I turned my attention to Dan browns The Da vinci code which I borrowed from a friend. I just saw the film running in front of me when I was reading the book.

From then on I really loved the company of these books and I’m really having a great time with them. If anyone of you guys feel like bored just grab a nice book and start reading. It will really serve you as a great companion.

I think it is like Gnanodayam for a freak like me who always like to enjoy hangin around with friends, partying all the time. I realized that we can have more pleasure and enjoyment by reading books at the same time we can also gain loads of knowledge.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's fun time now

At last the greatest barrier of a student’s life has been crossed again by me. Don’t wonder about what I’m saying, I’m talking about exams. Of course we are going to have them again next year but till then it’s a relaxing time for us. All the last minute readings, tension on the face, passing the chits in the examination hall, feeding the lab assistants…........all that stupid stuff is over now. In my case or in my field the exams and the results are the only time when I see girls above me but rest of the time they are below me.

Yesterday was the last day of my second year and I was really excited about that. We really had a very big reason to celebrate. From now on it’s fun time and we have a very long time to go before we have our next examination. For people with girl friends it’s really a hard time as it is the time of their separation.

Now it’s time for holidays. We can get back to our old business. It has been a long time since I have last went out with my friends to sit in a coffee shop. It’s really fun sitting there and staring at grls, couples passing by and thinking that one day even I will have a girl friend like dat. I used to have this kind of feelings rite from my school time. They just remained as feelings and there was no progress. When time came I realized that it is better if they remained as feelings as I came to know about the drawbacks of having a girlfriend.

Now it’s time to execute all the things that I thought of doing during my examinations. First and the foremost thing is to write a post in this blog. It has been a long time since I have written a post on this blog. I previously had some appreciation for this blog but I really had very bad experiences with some girls. Then I understood that it’s really hard for people to digest the truth.

Hope I’ll have a gr8 time during these holidays.

Bye for now………….

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Boring Girl Friends

Thank you everyone for the great response to my first post . Most of them liked it I suppose, but what I have written there is what I felt in my mind about girls. But all girls are not the same. There are a few good relationships that even I know worked out and doing well, but they are very few when compared to big ocean of losers.

Everything that I wrote in my previous post was just out of my agony. But the question here is that “can we live without girls?” we just can’t live without them and that is the truth. That’s it about girls everybody I’m feeling really bored writing about them. I’ll try writing a cool story in my next post.

Just enjoy some of these cool jokes which I found on the Internet till then.




daughter sends a telegram to her father on her clearing B.Ed exams,

which the father receives as:

“father, your daughter has been successful in BED.”



husband, while he is on a business trip to a hill station sends a telegram to his
wife: “I wish you were here.”

The message received by wife:

“I wish you were her.”


wife with near maturing pregnancy goes to railway station to return to her husband. At the reservation counter, while her turn came, it was the last ticket. Taking pity on a very old lady next to her in the queue, she offered her berth to the old lady and sent a telegram to her
husband which reached as:

“Shall be coming tomorrow, heavy rush in the train, gave birth to an old lady.”



A man wants to celebrate his wife’s Birthday by throwing a party.So he goes to order a birthday cake.The salesman asks him what message he wants to put on the cake.

Well he thinks for a while and says:

Let’s put, “you are not getting older you are getting better”.

The salesman asks, “How do you want me to put it?” The man says, Well put “You are not getting older”, at the top and

“You are getting better” at the bottom.

The real fun didn’t start until the cake was opened the entire party watched the message decorated on the cake:…..

“You are not getting older at the top, you are getting better at the bottom“.



man from Agra went to Ajmer. His wife was in her parent’s house in Delhi .

When the man went to Ajmer, he asked his servant to send a telegram to his wife indicating about his trip to Ajmer.

He sent a telegram. When the wife received the telegram, she fainted.It was written:

‘Sethji aaj mar gaye! (Sethji Ajmer gaye)

Actually I copied these jokes from some other blog.

Bye for now.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Secrets about Girl Friends

Hi everybody this is my very first post in my very first blog. Let me introduce my self to everyone. I’m Aravind, actually there is nothing much to say about me. I just feel like I’m a normal guy with all normal features, nothing extra ordinary in me.

I just like hanging around with my friends, bunking classes and I do many cool things, of course it’s a part of student's life. The most interesting part of a male student’s life is a girl friend, I don’t know about females so I mentioned only males. Every person feels like having a girl friend, but is it necessary to have one?

Guys feel like they are hero’s when they talk to girls. They just forget people around them when they hear the voice of a funky lady laughing for his silly non sense jokes. After the advent of these cell phones guys (with gf’s) started forgeting the people around them. They just keep talking to their girls where ever they go.

I saw many people doin that in my daily life. The story of these guys starts like this. On the opening day of college our hero after seeing the girl feels like love at first sight. Then spends some sleep less nights thinking about her. The next day he tries to attract her by cracking some silly jokes on people around him. She replies to his silly jokes with her sweet smile aur hamara hero bangaya uska ashique.

Then the next day he tries to talk to her about his bhorin books and subject’s. Then she thinks that our hero is an Intelligent. Then the next day he talks about her parents and siblings and then at last he get’s her phone number. Then the story begins. Now the face-face conversation looses its pace and the phone conversation gains its pace. First they talk for about 10 mins daily and only about books. Later they start talking about the other persons in the class. Then about their relationship and at last something which they call love develops between them.

This takes some time for around 4-6 months on an average. In the next few months all the people in class will come to know about their affair. Then this talks on phone, buying gifts…etc goes on for a few months and even some years. If every thing goes on right then their affair stands still with some exceptional quarrels in between. Meanwhile our hero who ranked well in his studies before joining his graduation will become a real bekari and will have atlest 3-4 backlogs and our queen will be doin gud with her studies.

Their graduation will come to an end and her parents will bring her a good match (America sambandham) and the girl will dump our hero and will catch the next flight to America. Our hero with his backlogs and long devadas beard will be struggling to write his exams.

This is the story of a guy with GF. If you are not interested in your life or if you just want to ruin your life you can achieve it by making a Girl Friend.

Bye for now.