Monday, March 23, 2009

Every single Vote counts

Hello Everyone I think it has been a long time since I lasted posted on this blog. I don’t have a special reason but I didn’t have time to sit in front of my computer. Actually I have my final exams from next week but still I spared some time to sit on this dusty chair for the progress of our country.

Actually I saw many people saying that this system is corrupted, this system has to be changed, someone has to come forward etc…….even I was one among them. But we never tried to do anything about this thing. These dialogues were just like a topic to pass our time during some drinking session or during some journey and everything gets back to its normal position the next morning.

I just want to explain u the position of our country with a simple example that I saw in my life. When I was in 12th I used to have a classmate whoz father is a farmer and is really very intelligent and works hard and secured good rank in the entrance exam but was not able to get a free seat in a medical college. In the same school that I studied there was this rich guy son of a Doctor, not so intelligent and never works hard and secured a rank more than ten folds of the rank of the previous guy but was able to secure a free seat in the same college and now they are studying together. The first guys father Is struggling to see his son as a doctor and on the other side our rich doctor is proud of his son and publishes to everyone that my son got a medical seat. The only Crime that the first guy did was he was born to a forward caste Farmer and the lucky second guy was born to a scheduled caste Doctor and we still see these Idiots with loads and loads of cash in their big huge ass protesting for reservation. What the hell is happening in this country???

People always say that these damn political parties are all corrupted, no one is sincere but still they vote for them. There are very few political parties that really try for the progress of our country unlike the other parties which just sell tickets to rich people and make them more rich and powerful. These few political parties are our only hope for a better future of our country but are always neglected by our public. I saw people giving interviews to the media that the government has not done this and govt has not done that but before saying that they have to realize that the govt was actually formed by them not by itself. We are the one who is letting this shit happen in this country and it is only us who can clean this shit.

So I want to suggest to the people of this nation to stop electing shity assholes and start thinking before you vote. Our vote is very Valuable, try and vote for a good party, stop voting for people who do Business with our money. Let’s vote for the Rite party and never think that a single vote doesn’t matter. Many people have a misconception that all politicians are corrupted but not all are the same. There are a few who really strive for the progress of our country.

The party that I’m going to vote for this time is Lok Satha. This party was started by Jay Prakash narayan who was previously an IAS officer. He resigned to his post as a secretary in 1996 and was striving for the progress of this country from then. He conducted many awareness programs for people of backward areas, he tried and succeeded in educating people on different issues and is the Right leader in my view who can run this system in a right manner. Actually many people know about this person, his ideology, his kind nature. Everyone appreciates him for the work he does and even everyone know that he is the right person to be a leader but still they don’t vote for him. Because they love the biryani packet and the wine bottle given to them or Color Televisions promised to them by those rich people, film actors............. who do business with our money. At least we the youth, future of our country have to take the rite decision before casting our vote. Vote for Lok Satha Party and change the face of our nation. Plz Don’t have a feeling that ‘though we vote they are going to lose the elections’. Just remember that though they loose our vote still counts.

A very important note: Lok Satha party has not promised me any Biryani Packet or Wine Bottle for this post. They just promised me a bright future.