Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My story

It has been a long time since I had written a post in this blog. Actually there is nothing happening in my life to write.

Same old boring story. Waking up early in the morning to attend some stupid English classes. Then again to my college, boring classes, dreaming about my girl in the class. Then back to home checking for some orkut scraps and I find all stupid themes scraps and at last a bottle of beer and a sound sleep. This is my daily life cycle.

I recently saw some of my friends blogs which crossed a hell lot of hits and they are celebrating it. Even I have a mark crossed this week my blog hit 1000 hits….hehe…….it may sound funny but this is my first mark and I even got ranked by Google and now I have a Pr3. But I don’t have anyone around me to share this except for my blogger friends. When I use these terms with my friends they feel like some boring geek stuff, they still don’t know the fun indulged in it.

As I have nothing to write in this post I want to narrate my sweet little love story. Very few people on this earth know about this story of mine. I think it may sound funny to some guys and trash to some others but this is what happened with me.

Actually it all started when I was in first year. I used to go by bus to the college. One day I had some work at my friends place and had to catch the bus at his bus stop. That was the first time I saw her, she was waiting for her college bus. From that day on I used to wait for my bus at that stop just to see her. It lasted for quite a long time and I also used to wait for her in the evening when she returns back from her college. I used to forget all my bad experiences of the day when I see her. Sometimes I used to follow her back to her house.

Then I started enquiring about her. I got a lot of information about her and I should really thank my friends who helped me a lot in getting that. I realized that she is two years older than me but that didn’t matter to me at all. Then I found her orkut profile. Actually it was very easy as there is only one user on orkut with that name. I scrapped her many times but I didn’t have any answer when she replied me with "whoz dis". This lasted for more than a year and I was nowhere.

Then one fine day I decided that my love should be expressed to her. I bought a rose and put it in the basket of her kinetic Honda (she parks dat near the bus stop) and used to wait for her in the balcony at my friends place from where I used to have a very clear view. I used to see the expression on her face everyday. Sometimes she used to throw it away and sometimes looking around wondering who put it there. This also lasted for a quite a long time but I never dared to face her and talk to her. I used to have her phone number but I never called her. Till now I have not even heard her voice. Now she completed her graduation and recently flew to Australia for her higher studies.

She is from a rich family, studies very well and has very good looks. She must be having big dreams about her guy. As of now I’m a normal student perusing some stupid course and may not reach her standards. This is what made me dumb. But I’ll try hard to be in her dreams. I’m sure that I’m going to succeed and even though I don’t she still remains special in my life.

This post may sound quite opposite to what I have written earlier about girlfriends but this is what happened in my life. It’s really a great experience loving others or getting loved by others.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Congrats on crossing the 1000 hits landmark, dude! :D

UmassSlytherin said...

I don't get it. Did you score with her yet? Is she your girl or isn't she?

aravind said...

@ nikhil
thnx yar.......hehe

no dude.........no score yet........still tryin for that only

Anonymous said...

Congrats for crossing the mark. :)
Well, you can also have huge hits if you write about popular topics. No big deal. :)
And you should have told that girl about you. Now you might be wondering all your life about how she would have reacted if she would have known.

Anonymous said...

dude.. why dint u talk ...
u had her phone number...u should have told her in phone atleast .. :(
now she flew .. u missed her man ..
anyways best of luck and yeah congratz for ur 1000 hits..
a journey for 1000 miles starts with a single step..
hope u get lots and lots of hits..

aravind said...

i'll never let that happen i'll sure express it to her but i'm waiting for the rite time.................i want her to accept me at her will....................... i don't want to convince her to accept me.............

Jagan said...

u shud have told her atleast in the phone.. :P

hehe.. i told and am facing the concequences.. ahahaha.. :D

These small things in life.. keeps life damn interesting.. :)