Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's fun time now

At last the greatest barrier of a student’s life has been crossed again by me. Don’t wonder about what I’m saying, I’m talking about exams. Of course we are going to have them again next year but till then it’s a relaxing time for us. All the last minute readings, tension on the face, passing the chits in the examination hall, feeding the lab assistants…........all that stupid stuff is over now. In my case or in my field the exams and the results are the only time when I see girls above me but rest of the time they are below me.

Yesterday was the last day of my second year and I was really excited about that. We really had a very big reason to celebrate. From now on it’s fun time and we have a very long time to go before we have our next examination. For people with girl friends it’s really a hard time as it is the time of their separation.

Now it’s time for holidays. We can get back to our old business. It has been a long time since I have last went out with my friends to sit in a coffee shop. It’s really fun sitting there and staring at grls, couples passing by and thinking that one day even I will have a girl friend like dat. I used to have this kind of feelings rite from my school time. They just remained as feelings and there was no progress. When time came I realized that it is better if they remained as feelings as I came to know about the drawbacks of having a girlfriend.

Now it’s time to execute all the things that I thought of doing during my examinations. First and the foremost thing is to write a post in this blog. It has been a long time since I have written a post on this blog. I previously had some appreciation for this blog but I really had very bad experiences with some girls. Then I understood that it’s really hard for people to digest the truth.

Hope I’ll have a gr8 time during these holidays.

Bye for now………….


Anonymous said...

good post dude..
i can understand the amount of joy and ecstasy we get once we are done with the exams... :)enjoy and have a great time..
keep blogging..

PS : u are in my blogroll..


good luck 4 ur result. bt i want to tell u 1 thing that it's very important that everybuddy should know their mother tongue .i know its a time of comptetion n 4 comptetion english is if u dont understand ur mother tongue it's very samefull to all indian .

aravind said...

sorry to say that my mother tongue is not hindhi........i'm a south mother tongue is telugu..............yet i can understand hindi but can't read can't be a master of all languages rite......

sush..... said...

fuck them all dude...
girls are always bitchy my dear old friend..!
only bitches ditch..!
if a boy ditches then he has done the right thing i must say an intelligent move to move on...!