Monday, October 27, 2008

After a long time

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I last posted on this blog. There are many reasons behind that. But the main reason is that I had been to a long trip to north with my classmates. This was the first time I was away from my comp for such a long time.

Actually this was an industrial trip organized by our college people to show us different pharmaceutical industries. But it was just a name sake industrial tour where we don’t have time to visit industries. I’ve been to many long trips before but this was first with my college friends. Actually I was damn excited when I heard about it. We used to have a long discussion every day in the college about the tour.

At last the day came we all started to Agra from our place. It was the longest train ride in my life. We all enjoyed a lot. It was really a fun time in the train. The next day after reaching Agra we visited the great Taj Mahal. I was really happy enough that at last I saw Taj Mahal. It was really a great monument.

Later that day we started our journey to Shimla. It was really a hard journey through those Ghat roads. But at last we reached the beautiful hill station. It was really cool there. We never experienced such a low temp. The next day we had some sight seeing there in Shimla on horses and it was really great riding the horse. All the way in north I really had a great time watching hot chicks. I really didn’t notice that we had our college girls with us.

The next day we started to Manali. It was really a great place but I really can’t understand how people can survive there. It’s damn cool out there that some times we can’t resist hugging chicks around us. We had a chance to see many apple trees and gardens but the depressing thing is that it’s not season for apples. But still we bought apples for damn cheaper rates.

We had a 2 day stay in Manali and then started for Delhi. This was the longest bus trip in my life. We travelled for around 30 hours. We were totally exhausted after reaching Delhi. The next day we had some sight seeing in Delhi and we also did a hell lot of shopping there. Some people even doubled their luggage with their shopping. Delhi is really a very beautiful place; I just had a feeling to settle in Delhi after the completion of my course. The next day we started back to our place, but this time the journey was different I saw many people getting together, I mean grls getting together with boys. I’m really happy for those guys who found a partner.

After reaching home I realized that most of the products I bought were fake. But still I can put them as memories for this great trip. I don’t think I can have this moment again in my life time. This is like a once in a life time trip.

At last I have a small note for the anonymous guy who is posting all abusive comments on my blog. Plz don’t do that I’m just writing this blog to share my experiences with friends. If u r not interested, plz stay away from my blog.


Anonymous said...

wow ..shimla and anali are awesmoe place.. I have lived near delhi for 17 years but ihavn't visited it still :( and not being in chennai i dont know when i will :(
good that u enjoyed . :)

indraneel said...
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indraneel said...

wat man aravind when u bought apples with out knowing anyone in d class........... its really gr8!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I got into ur blog. but I liked the way u write, especially ur luv experience :)

Keep it up dude... I've subscribed ur blog in my GReader :)


aravind said...

ya they really are great places.......................thnx for ur comment yar

arey mana personal matters class lo discuss chesukundhamu..............don't comment about them

dats great yar...............thnx for ur comment............

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back in action! :)
Happy Diwali! :)

vangala said...

Hey Aravind!!hwz tht u bought da apples all alone without our knowledge....i really tried for thm,but coulndn't get....anyway im happy atleast u got thm...