Monday, November 10, 2008

Love to be Single

Grls…….grls……grls…….aaahhh, this word is swirling in my mind rite from my childhood days. It all started during my school days when I first started thinking about grls.

I first had a crush on one of my classmates. By the time I made all my prep’s there was a new admission to our class and my mind diverted towards her and then we had a class shuffling where I had to sit with other grls. So I had to switch to another girl after, after several switches I reached the farewell day where I had to leave all those sweet chicks without any proposals.

Then I joined my Intermediate where I had no chance to spare time for sweet chicks. Those two years made me mad. When I joined my graduation I was on a high to find a girlfriend. I had a chance this time but was in a confusion on how to approach, weather to try sincerely or just casually. I tried in many ways, used many tricks and tack ticks but none of them were successful.

Now when I look back at all those years I just can’t believe that I’m still single, but I really enjoyed this life (being single), trying for grls, passing comments, proposals, rejections, getting drunk…….. aaahhh “life ho tho aisi”.

I enjoy being single but still I can’t stay without trying for grls……………donno weather I’m goin to have the same life after I find a grl(I’m sure that I don’t) but still I can’t resist. Dats the secret magic I suppose dat god indulged in them.

Actually I had a small discussion on this issue with my friend Nikhil, we both had many similarities on this issue so we decided to write a post on it.

We also started a small club for all single guys. It’s open on orkut. So lets join the club and rock.


Anonymous said...

Hehehe! Good start, dude! I'm gonna write that post now... orkut community is already up and running! Singles unite!! :D

Anonymous said...

I proposed to a girl when I was in class 2. :)
Anyways now I am searching for a wife. The days of girlfriends are over! :(

RR.Shenoy said...

haha. tell me one thing, why dint you propose anyone on the day of farewell day??? u had a chance mate:)

workhard said...

LOL... glad u had a good time trying.. but if u try real hard.. its never gonna come... so just let it goo.. and ur women will definitely come along...

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