Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Twist in the Tale

It was 6 in the morning and Billie Joe started singing on my mobile. I woke up and tried to stop it before my bro gets crazy on me. I looked at the reminder on my mobile and realized that it is this day that I’m waiting for from my childhood.

I took out the Archetypal pink colored letter from my almari and read it. I spent more than one month preparing that and today all those efforts are going to be put at test.

I stood in front my dressing table and had an outlook of my appearance. I realized that I need a make over for the big moment. I rushed to the parlor and tried almost all latest styles and at last fixed to short spikes one which looks good on me.

Then I started my search mission for the costume. I scanned my whole almari but couldn't find a good combination that could impress her. She likes black but I don't have any. I made sure that my bro is still asleep and opened his almari. To my luck he had a cool party ware black shirt. I slowly picked it up and left the room. I put those on after the bath and spent ages in front of the mirror and then took out the letter and applied my mom’s imported perfume on it. At the breakfast table mom gave me a complement that I looked good but that didn't help my nervousness.

On my way to the college I made sure that none of my gang members are attending the college as it was Saturday and none of em are interested in es, the only theory class that we have on that day. As I entered the class I observed that the boy’s row looked deserted except for the fist two benches. I tried to have a look at her but the prof entered the class before I started looking back.

All the time during the class I was thinking on how to approach, how to start the conversation and I was waiting for the break. As soon as the prof left the class I saw all the girls rushing out. I tried to have a look at her but it was not possible. But her voice during the attendance made me confident that she was there among them. I rushed to the waiting room and made sure that I was looking good.

As I entered the food court I started scanning the whole place for her. As it was Saturday female population dominated and it was hard to find her but after a long search I found her at the corner with her friends. She was wearing the red dress which was my favorite. She looks really cute in that dress.

I waited till her friends left the table and I started towards her. As I was walking my hands were shaking with the letter in my hand. I saw her feeling tensed as I was approaching her.

I said ‘hi’ to her and asked permission to have seat at her table. She looked tensed and inconvenient with my presence. I had a few convers with her earlier but they were all subject related and happened only in labs. This was the first time I was sitting in front of her. I never stared at her for so long from this less distance. She was looking really gorgeous. I slowly picked up the letter and put it on the table. I saw her staring at the letter furiously. That added up to my nervousness. Then I Slowly raised the letter and gave it to her and asked her to read. My whole body was shaking now as she was opening the letter. I could smell the fragrance of the imported perfume as she was opening the letter. I could look only at her eyes as the rest of the face was covered with letter in front of her. Then she lowered the letter and I could see the gentle smile on her face. Then I suddenly started hearing my mother’s voice from somewhere. She was yelling ‘wake up wake up it’s already 8, it’s getting late for ur college’. I opened my eyes and I found myself in my bedroom. Then I realized that it was a dream.


Elvia said...

Hey don't tel me u are not influenced by my story :p

aravind said...

actually i got influenced by the jefrrey archers 'a twist in the tale'

indraneel said...

aravind mana class aa plz put her name???

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, you got me there, dude! I as about to jump up in joy when she smiled!! Damn!! :) :)

How's it going, by the way?

Anonymous said...

i pity that girl who came into ur sutpid dream............. if that wouldnt be a dream then there would have beeen slap on ur face.i wish it wouldnt be a dream next time.............