Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wake Up Guys

38% of doctors in USA are Indians

12% scientists in USA r INDIANS

36% of NASA scientists are INDIANS

34% OF MICROSOFT employees r INDIANS

17% of INTEL employees r INDIANS

28% of IBM employees r INDIANS


But India is not.
If all their brain full fools had worked for INDIA, we would have raced US in days.

I think most of u must have got messages like this on ur mobile. I suggest u people to stop believing such bullshit messages and delete them.

As mentioned in the above message Indians are really great. They work hard, they can really make it our in any field. As it is said India Is not great is not because of these people leaving the country and working for others. It is because of the negligence of our own government. It is because of these stupid politicians who target for the vote bank by giving all these reservations.

Am I a fool to study pharmacy when people who got less marks than me garbed a medical seat

Am I a fool to work as a subordinate to a person who has an iq level less than me and has put less effort than me.

Am I a fool to ride a bike to the office when a person who with less % is riding a car.

I’m brain full for sure but I’m not a fool. I put efforts to the extreme but the Country itself is saying that my efforts are in no equal to a reserved candidates.

This is the time that we all open our eyes and fight against the reservation. Let this reservation be restricted only to the economically backward people. They are the only people on this earth who are in need of encouragement, not OBC’s, Sc’s or St’s. Lets spread this message.


janani said...

Yeah! u r right in ur views abt reservation.But just last yr they ve passed a bill to introduce reservation in IIMs and they r trying to bring it forth in IITs too.There is nothing u can do except writing this post.

aravind said...

Doing something is better than sitting silently rite

indraneel said...

better u change d caste yaar!!!!!