Friday, March 12, 2010

Those Memorable Days

24 more hours left for me in this beautiful college. I can’t believe that I have to leave this college in a few days. It still feels like I just joined the college. I still remember the first day of my college life when I sat with my mom in the first row of the seminar hall dressed in some weird style. That was the day when I saw my first crush. Days passed and I started making new friends in the class. Then started the interaction sessions with seniors. I was frightened in the beginning but later felt like fun and it also helped me in a few ways to communicate with girls.

More days passed by and we started having the real fun. A few People started talking to their crushes and few others were busy making plans to talk while a few others like me just sat at the back and used to laugh for themselves. Gradually all the crushes started reaching their edges a few got serious and few got separated. I have no idea where mine has gone. Then we gradually started late night hangouts with friends, playing games during class, passing comments on girls and of course had a few wired moments when got caught but still had fun.

Time passed by and we grew older and more mature than ever and of course few extra habits also got added up in our curriculum. Then we became seniors. Everything changed from then. The first thing that changed for me was my crush. This time it was neither my classmate nor my college mate rather she was my bus stop mate. The ragging lessons that we learnt in first year were put to test when we had our juniors. Our status increased in the college and we started Organizing parties and dealing with more mature projects in the college (don’t get me wrong they are not subject projects). Then there came an end to my second year and also an end to my second crush. This time I really felt her loss. Of course I never spoke to her but still I felt like I lost something in my life (I think that’s too heavy).

Then came the dashing third year. We grew older and fatter and added more habits to our curriculum. We started seeing change in ourselves with our lips getting darker and bellies hanging down the waist. But the same old story continued inside the class. This time I didn’t have any crush but I had all my options open. The only remarkable thing that I could remember in my third year was the Industrial tour we had. It was like a once in a life time trip for us. The third year was a bit smoother than the first two, the main reason was we didn’t have many controversies and fights and most importantly it was more smoother for me as I didn’t have any crush.

Then came the final year. There were only two words revolving in my mind when I entered my final year, they are GRE and TOEFL. By the time I finished them I lost half of my final year. The rest was totally collapsed by the political drama in our state. But still we had remarkably memorable moments together. The last New Year, the last Holi, the last fresher’s and especially the last days in our labs were all exciting and we had fun like never before and the most exciting of all is my last crush in my college life. Hope it lasts long this time

I wish I had a time machine to get back and enjoy those days again.

I dedicate this post to all my beloved classmates. Guys do comment if u have read this.


indraneel narisetti said...

you crush is u r bus stand mate man

aravind said...


don't get me wrong it's not ambedkar bus stop

ravindra said...

dude, i am in the third year of engineering and my life is going in a similar fashion. this year is light because, like you, even i dont have any crush.
but yeah, i can imagine what you are feeling. ill be in the same shoes next year.
coll life rocks!!
well written...cheers!

Maria Mcclain said...

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