Monday, May 10, 2010

The After Math

Just reached home after saying a last good bye to all my beloved freinds at the farewell party. I had a big blast in mind before I left but it was way beyond a satisfactory level but still those last moments with friends were really memorable. Waving a last good bye to the college I felt like I’m leaving my last breath of a life and entering a new one.

A small scintilla of thought of what I’m today just passed my brain. The thought was so small but the disturbance it caused cannot be cured even with a bottle of whisky. I’m in the midst of nowhere. In these four years all I done was nothing. I tried my level best and felt like I succeeded in a few things but they didn’t help me in getting even a single admit.

I ignored and neglected all the spice for a few small things and at last ended up like a loser. Nothing went well for me. Rite after the farewell I saw people having a bright smile on their faces bidding farewell to their bounded mates. I was not even successful in finding one.

Now from this second I’m a typical unemployed Indian the other name for a loser. From now on I have to start searching for a job. Start planning for my future carrier. I donno if I will succeed but the lessons I learnt from the past experiences in college will sure help me out. At least I will not repeat those stupid mistakes again. Hope everything goes well but this time I think I will not have any time to concentrate on girls. I missed all the chance that I had in the past years and now I don’t have any time. I think I will end up in an arranged marriage like a typical Indian. But still the ultimate gift of god to dream is still with me so at least I can dream about her every time I feel low. That will be more inspiring than anything to me.

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RR.Shenoy said...

dont worry dude, i pretty sure ull get a job. u write so well, you ve got to be having some stuff...
all the best.
Im in final year now, thinking about future.
and yeah, even i failed miserablly to make it up with girls:(