Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's the time for Tags

Vishesh had this intresting tag for me

The brand's that i use in my daily life

So here goes

tagged me to write about 5 cadres of people whom I hate the most. Actually I have a very big list but I compressed them to five cadres.

1) People who wake me up when I’m sleeping in the class.

2) Lecturers who ask questions in the class when I’m busy with my business (Dreaming about my girl).

3) Traffic police who stops me even when I’m wearing a helmet.

4) People who sound horn when I’m in front of them and never pass me when I give them way.

5) I reserved the fifth cadre for some special people. Don’t wonder who they are. They are the bitches who complain about me. Fuck off L*****.


vishesh said...

lol that was a very truthful tag,the second one i mean ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! Would you mind expanding the last word on your post?! :D

aravind said...

@ Vishesh
Tnx dude....

@ Nik
haha It is a telugu version for the word bitch.
I can't tell you here man it's sounds damn vulgar.

dinu said...

hi hi ... good one .. oh you have pulsar ? cool man :)

aravind said...

thx for ur comments dude.........ya i have a pulsar 150 cc

Anonymous said...

pepe jeans ,adidas and rayban that would maek a great combination..oh yeah jockey too :P
lol interesting cadres of people u hate ;)