Sunday, July 13, 2008

One morning @ the Coaching Center

I recently joined this coaching center which offers coaching for competitive exams like GRE, Toefl (actually I doono the spelling of it). I have to wake up at 5 in the morning to attend those classes. It has been a long time since I woke up before 8 in the morning. I sleep daily at 2 am and it’s hard for me to sleep before that and though I try I don’t get sleep before that time.

Actually yesterday was my first day but I was feeling drowsy and was not able to attend the class. Today I had to go to the center. I tried hard to keep my eyes open and managed to go to the center. When I entered the classroom I observed that majority of seats were occupied by girls. I felt a bit better but my appearance made me feel embarrassed as I was in my night dress. I just walked to the end of the room and sat at the corner of the last row.

After a few minutes a short guy entered the class and started rubbing the board. I thought he must be some peon or an office guy. After some time I got to know that he is going to teach us English. When he started the class I felt like my mom was singing a song for me to sleep. After some time I gradually fell a sleep. I woke up after some time hearing to the voices of girls sitting on the opposite row. Then I understood that the class ended. Now I was feeling better and started staring at girls and I found most them good looking.

I observed that people around me and especially girls are speaking in English. I felt a bit surprised, when I entered the class I saw everyone speaking in their mother tongue and now everyone is speaking in English. Then I thought that the English lecturer must have influenced them. Then some guy entered the class and announced that there will be a test conducted in a few minutes and the students will be separated according to their marks. I was not in a mood to write any exam.

But I tried hard to take look at the question paper. I found it easy I saw all my tenth standards math’s problems and a few twisted questions. I like answering those questions. I answered the paper well and I was the first to complete the test. They asked us to wait for some time to give away the marks. After some time the same guy entered the class and took a list and started announcing the names for the first section and I found my name in that. I felt astonished after I found only 6 girls in a class of 40 members for the first section. And of course everyone knows how girls in first section look like. The other sections had majority of girls in them.

I felt really bad as I joined that coaching center only after seeing the ratio of girls and boys. I just had feeling that at least I can make a girl friend there. But now I’m rewarded with a section where there are no dream girls in it. This is a reward for my performance in the test.


Anonymous said...

poor you,,,,no problem you can befriend girls from the other section .. :P
getting up at 5 that too for silly english classes is like a torture /.

aravind said...

hhhmmm ya have to try for them now...........

Anonymous said...

Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!
Take the advice of a veteran woman-chaser, man.. Girls do not like nerds!! You should fail in two tests and you should wear a black leather jacket and walk real slow... In fact, i'm working on a post right now about how to impress women... I'll give you gyaan, my friend... :)

dinu said...


better luck next time buddy :D really funny

aravind said...

@ nikhil
i'm ur shishya from today guruva

i hope that my day comes in future.....

Rakiii said...

=)) very funny

Jagan said...

:D great fun man..!!
it happens..

And wat shud i speak of the gals in my class..? You r in a bteer position comparitively.. ;)