Sunday, November 16, 2008

The False Allegation


Anonymous said...

Be in the good books of such people. He won't matter to you once you get out of there but if he is pissed off them your life can be in a mess. So cool it! and let it be!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, dude. Such things happen. That's the difference between college life and professional life. I used to hide my phone in my underwear when they came for searching. If they touched me there, I'd sue them for sexual harassment! ;)

prerna said...

You will tell these stories to your kids and enjoy them :) These incidents are a part of life and life would be boring without these experiences. Most important, the guy who couldn't keep his mobile on silent and put everybody else in trouble needs some advice ;)

Manasa said...

Oh my.. we used to keep the cell phones in the dikki of friends scooty.. :)

..and don't bother for such ppl. Even if you raise your voice, they might ruin your career during internals or lab exams..

aravind said...

@ amit
ya ur rite it's just like the situation of our country never fight for justice

even i tried to put it in my underware but my phone was too big that there was not enough place for it inside

Ofocurse these incidents are part of college life and we'll sure have a big smile when we look back at them after years...................

@ manasa
there is no dikki for my bike yar.........hehehe

Anonymous said...

dude. thats the hard truth ..
every where .
the world is unfair
we cant do much about it

i have kept my cell phone in my lecturer's drawer couple of itmes..
no one would search it :D // :P

workhard said...

I really love reading ur posts.. i know how these people getPhd and awards... and then they charge at innocent souls.. how unfair..