Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Love Letter

Hi everyone. I had a dream to write a love letter rite from my school days but I never found myself in any situation where I can use this love letter. It’s not the reason that I didn’t like anyone. I liked many of them but none of them like me(I meant only females). Ofcourse I just can’t jump to that conclusion as I never tried from them. But I just don’t want to let this dream go in vain. So I decided to write one now.


Hi naaa peeru aravind. Edhe naa first time love letter rayadam. Veedu enti illa rasadu anukuntunara, First telugu script lone radhamu anukunna kanni spelling mistakes chala kanapadayi andhuke aapesa alla anni english lo radhamu ante anni grammetical mistakes kanapadayi andhuke ikka vere dhari leka illa try chesanu.

Love letter ante first poetry rayalani vinnanu. Ninna night antha kurchoni poetry radhamu anni try chesanu kani naaku antha talent ledhu anni ardham ayindhi. Akkadi nunchi anna copy kotti rasdhamu anni anukunna, kani naa manasakshi andhuku opukoledhu(konchem ekkuva ayindhi kada).

Poetry tharuvatha emmi radhamu anni chala sepu alochinchanu but emmi rayalo emmi ardham kaledhu. Emmi thochaka google lo Love letters kosam search chesanu. Ofocurse chala kanapadayi kani naaku andhuloo emmi rasaroo emmi ardham kaledhu. Many of them were trying to describe the beauty of their mate. But I feel like beauty has nothing to do with love(chala ekkuva ayindhi kada) so nenu lite tesukunna.

Alochinchaga alochinchaga konni emotional dialouges gurthuku vachinayi kani modern ammailu avvi chusthe navvukuntaru annni pakana petesanu.

Idhi rayadanike okka night antha patindhi, Inka nenu rayalenenu so staright gaa point ki vachesthunna. Love letter lo basic theme naaku nee medha Love unnadhi anni express cheyadmu so I’m doing the same. I just want to say one thing to u my darling

I love u

Love Letter ootiga isthe bagundadhu kada so……….

I know that it sounded damn weird but I just wrote wat I felt. Plz adjust. Sorry for all non- telugu readers, I was not able to express that in english. Next time I’ll sure try it in english.

I dedicate this loveletter to all sweet chicks aound. It’s open for u all. If u like it please contact me I’m seriously lookin for a girl friend.

For my regular readers plz don’t count my previous experiences. I’m all new now.


Anonymous said...

lol... i did not understand a word..!!! :)

workhard said...

Me either....


indraneel said...

endi ra adi chadvi ninnu contact ki ravala number kuda ivvakapoyav.......